Exploiting Spectral-Spatial Correlation for Coded Hyperspectral Image Restoration

By | January 1, 2016

Ying Fu, Yinqiang Zheng, Imari Sato, and Yoichi Sato: “Exploiting Spectral-Spatial Correlation for Coded Hyperspectral Image Restoration”. In Proc. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2016), pp. 3727-3736, June 2016.

Conventional scanning and multiplexing techniques for hyperspectral imaging suffer from limited temporal and/or spatial resolution. To resolve this issue, coding techniques are becoming increasingly popular in developing snapshot systems for high-resolution hyperspectral imaging. For such systems, it is a critical task to accurately restore the 3D hyperspectral image from its corresponding coded 2D image. In this paper, we propose an effective method for coded hyperspectral image restoration, which exploits extensive structure sparsity in the hyperspectral image. Specifically, we simultaneously explore spectral and spatial correlation via low-rank regularizations, and formulate the restoration problem into a variational optimization model, which can be solved via an iterative numerical algorithm. Experimental results using both synthetic data and real images show that the proposed method can significantly outperform the state-of-the-art methods on several popular coding-based hyperspectral imaging systems.